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      1. Classic Massage
      2. Swedish Massage
      3. Deep Tissue
      4. Sports Massage
      5. Rehabilitology
      6. Cellulite Massage
      7. Sabai
      8. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui
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    Sport, health, joy and laugh make us successful!

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    03.07.2018 22:50
    Angel M. Cerezo
    It’s just amazing! Was looking for home massage and I didn’t expected that I will find this professional service! One of the best massagist ever meet!! Congratulations Denny’s!
    23.02.2018 17:07
    Fluent moves - not too fast and not too slow, applying the correct strenght/pressure needed according to the individual muscles. He really focused on my needs and what my body told him. I can surely recommend him as a massage therapist. It was a relaxing and wholesome experience!
    01.04.2017 08:01
    Dennis was very attentive and thorough. Dennis found his way round my muscles like a pro. I had a sports massage which I find most masseurs cannot do. Dennis was good at it. He was so good i booked him again for the following week and put him permanently in my phone. Enjoy.
    12.03.2017 19:57
    Brayan B.
    It's extremely important for me to be on the same page with masseur and trust him. Denis is a real professional and it's always nice to chat with him. I totally relax during massage. I can't wait to have this experience again
    19.01.2017 10:50
    Whenever I plan business trips to Ukraine I would always put massage on the schedule. Its a great way to relax, get rid of stress and recharge myself

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