Deep Tissue Facial Massage

  • Deep Tissue Facial Massage
  • Deep Tissue Facial Massage
  • Deep Tissue Facial Massage
  • Deep Tissue Facial Massage


Deep tissue facial massage (regenerative massage) is a close interaction with the client, including its subtle bodies. Comprehensive treatment is focused both on the face and entire human body. Another name for this massage, i.e., "removal of social masks", describes the effect of the procedure: elimination of psychosomatic syndromes. Deep tissue facial massage restores natural beauty, enables the person to change established stereotypes and to realize the strategies of own behavior.

This massage is based on direct impact upon the facial bones of the skull, sliding in certain directions with strong pressure, due to which relaxation is provided at all levels. In the process of such impact “social masks” can be removed and it facilitates the release of additional energy, as if the real you come from the inside. You will look younger, more cheerful and energetic.

Benefits of deep tissue facial massage

This procedure has a pronounced cosmetic and anti-aging effect: relaxation of mimic muscles, elimination of wrinkles, deep relaxation, release of hidden emotions.
Deep facial massage will help you to remove social masks, become more sincere, open-hearted and freely approve yourself in any situation.

Price :

60 minutes –– 800 UAH


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