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Gua Sha is ancient oriental massage, involving the active treatment of the human body using a small plate or scraper. The title consists of two Chinese signs ("gua" - to scrape; "sha" - bad); it reflects the technique and purpose of the procedure. Scraper made of natural materials such as buffalo horn, jade, and special oil or balm are used to treat the spots and zones along the energy meridians on the body, head, and face. Moves during session can be fast or slow, the pressure can be deep or surface. There are three types of the massage: cosmetic, preventive, for diagnostic and treatment.

Effects of massage

The procedure has a prompt effect: treated zones turn red, scraper leaves traces, the so-called bleeding "sha" spots. The patient shall not be afraid, because "dead blood" helps to relieve from toxins and wastes in tissues. Pain is usually insignificant (pain is possible only in very complicated cases), and the bruises fade in a couple of days. But the results are impressive: elimination of the blood stagnation in the capillaries, blood vessels expansion, acceleration of lymphatic drainage result in cell regeneration, inflammation calming down, swelling reduction. Gua Sha Massage relieves spasms and pain syndrome, improves skin tone and body immunity, significantly improves the quality of the skin, eliminating cellulite.

Price :

60 minutes –– 800 UAH


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