Frequently Asked Questions

What is `Home.Masssage`?

`Home.Masssage` is a company providing massage services at the customer's place (at home, at hotel, at office etc., upon customer's choice).

Which zones does `Home.Masssage` cover?

Now we provide services in Kyiv and suburbs, and we gradually expand our coverage to other cities of Ukraine.

List of places we provide services in is at here.

How do I book a massage?

It is quick & simple:

1) Choose type of massage from section Massage.

2) Book a massage session by phone +380 93 390 3357 or fill in our online form at Contact us => Book Online

Note: An appointment is considered final only upon phone confirmation (call us to book a session, or we call you if you choose to book a session via our online form).

Where does a massage session take place?

It is up to you: a massage session can be held at your house, at a hotel, at offiсe or any other place convenient to you.

Massage is performed on a comfortable massage table, brought by therapist. Massage oil is also provided by a massage therapist

Due to the personal contact that is involved in a massage session, we emphasize that our company provides exclusively professional massage services as listed at the Massage type.

Which is the working schedule of Home Massage therapists?

Our contact-center and our services are available to our customers on every day of the week (from Monday to Sunday) 24 hours per day.

At night, from 11 pm till 7 am inclusively, price will be increased by two or more times

When will a therapist come to my place?

Whenever you ask us, as long as the therapist of your choice is available at time period convenient for you.

All sessions need to be booked at least 2 hours in advance for obvious reasons. The best way is to book a session at least a day before.

What are the prices for your services?

Price for all types of massage provided by `Home.Masssage` is UAH 800 per hour

See more details and special offers at Price list

How to pay for a massage session?

There are 2 ways to pay us:

1) Promptly after the session, to the therapist in cash.

2) Via bank transfer.

Can I make a special massage gift to a beloved one/friend/relative of mine?

Of course! You can do this quite quickly and simply at Gift certificate section of our website.

Upon a session is booked, what is the procedure?

A great thing you can do is just relax and get in the mood of the whole philosophy behind our services. Massage means pleasure, so the best thing one can do to enjoy it is to enter the right state of mood: Relaxed and happy. Moreover, both for your own well being and for reasons of 'savoir vivre', it is suggested that you take a shower before the arrival of the therapist at your place.

Eventually, your desired session begins with the arrival of the therapist. You may inform them of any possible health issues or recent injuries, as well as any allergies you may have in body oils.

As the session progresses, you may talk to the therapist anytime about how you feel or whether you want them to make any changes in their treatment.

Does a healthy person need a massage session?

Definitely it is needed. First, there are no perfectly healthy people. Second, it is easier to prevent the disease than to eliminate it. That is why the massage is needed by everyone, because it, at least, raises yours personal immunity (and vital tone). Immunomodulators, recommended by doctors, have a general effect, while a massage, as individual means, increases your immunity.

What massage types do you offer for healthy people?

Relatively healthy pople, having no contraindications, may order any massages from the list Massage types

We offer to start with full body swedish, sport, Thai traditional, antistress. Desirable periodicity is at least one course a year, and preferably two courses per year. It will allow avoiding colds, acute respiratory infections, be in good shape, sleep well, etc.

When will I get visible results from massage?

You will get visible results after several massage sessions. In some cases, you will receive a result immediately after the first session. You will experience warmth, relaxation, decrease or complete elimination of pain

How long does the massage session last?

Typically, the massage session lasts 60-90 minutes. In 60 minutes you can get treated a single area: back + neck, legs. During 90 minutes the therapist will have time to treat entire body. In two hours you can get whole body massage with deep treatment of muscle groups. Upon request the massage may last longer.

How many sessions and how often should I take

A short intensive massage course consists of 10 sessions, performed in a day or two. Average course is 15-20 sessions.

If you want massage courses, then repeat them preferably once or twice a year.

If you want massage for prevention, order it 1 time a week on a permanent basis.

You can also order massage 'on demand', i.e., single sessions after high loads, stress in order to relax and unwind, etc.

May I take a meal before a massage?
It is advisable to get massage no earlier than 1 hour after meal
Why is massage so useful?

Even in ancient times, massage was known as a remedy.

The word 'massage' literally means 'manipulating the soft tissues of the body with the hands'. In naturopathy massage takes a very important place in the treatment of diseases of all kinds. For centuries massage was used as a curative in India, Greece, Rome, China, Egypt and many other countries.

Massage and its medicinal and curative properties

Massage is applied to improve blood circulation, recover and improve tissues after injury, eliminate muscle cramps and improve muscle tone. Massage also reduces muscle tension and pain, cleans skin pores and, thus, removes toxins from the body. Massage also speeds up blood circulation, reducing swelling, reduces tension of the nerves and ensures soothing. Massage stimulates the digestive system and activates the urinary system.

Massage for healthy people

Massage is not only an effective remedy, but also prevention of development of a variety of diseases. If you feel tired, overwhelmed and need to recover well-being and working capacity, take wellness procedures, for example, full-body massage. It is difficult to describe the feeling of lightness and joy of life after a wellness massage; it must be felt. To feel it for sure, take a course or get massage at least 1-2 times a month.

With the help of massage we activate our 'internal pharmacy'. Massage helps us to cope with health problems without medicines, but activating our body's reserves. Massage is a powerful tool in the hands of a specialist, allowing to influence the patient's condition - however, the results of such influence entirely depend on the person who applies it.

Why to choose outcall massage at one's place?

Outcall massage is the most effective and convenient option:

1) You do not have to go anywhere for a session;

2) You appoint convenient time;

3) The session is at your place, in a familiar atmosphere that gives you an extra feeling of comfort and security;

4) After the session, you do not need to waste the flow of vivacity and positive emotions to get home

May I leave comments and feedback about the therapist?

For sure. We are grateful for our customers for every comment.

Every profile of our therapists includes section 'Feedback' for you to post your comment about this therapist.