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Swedish massage appeared in the 18th century, crated by scientist from Sweden - Henrik Ling, who successfully experienced its healing techniques. Over time, the original technique has been refined and improved by the followers, and nowadays classic Swedish massage is one of the most common in the western world. Its distinctive feature is a calm, slow, but intense and strong treatment of tissues, stretching muscles, vascular and nerve fibers. The efficacy of the procedure is enhanced by alternating the various massage techniques and gymnastic exercises. Another type of Swedish massage is a holistic massage. The holistic Swedish massage applies as the basic method the vibration, the most relaxing and providing peaceful state and a healthy sleep for the patient.

Therapeutic effect

Due to deep penetration into the tissues Swedish massage is a good diagnostic and therapeutic procedure, since it allows to identify the existing affected areas and eliminate them. It is widely used to relieve muscle fatigue, spasms, improve joints mobility, promote healing of injuries, eliminating scars. Massage has a favorable effect on the human nervous system, eliminating emotional stress and restoring peace and good mood.

Price :

90 minutes –– 1200 UAH
120 minutes –– 1600 UAH


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17.08.2016 11:48
I do gymnastics. I am doing Swedish massage at home. I sleep like a baby after a massage. Swedish massages help to relax and are very soothing. Roman is doing a great massage!

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